Side Quests

Here is were I will list any quest that the PC’s can refuse with out haulting the progress of the story. Some of these quests could help the PC’s out greatly if they are completed before certain events in the main quest, while others could lead to recovering rare items or immense wealth.

Erik’s Ambition: The young son of the apple orchard wants to go on an adventure so bad he’s about to take himself and three of his friends on a suicide mission based on an old fairy tail his grandma always tells him. It’s up to the PC’s to help the boy and his friends train so they don’t fall victim to the human hating wild elves. (started)

Mistaken Identity: A group of peaceful Dryads are being harassed by some robin hood-esque bandits because they are being mistaken for Nymphs. The Dryads will reward the PC’s with master work wooden weapons (that act as normal masterwork items) if they can convince the bandits to stop. (Completed)

Orc Menance: The town of Jost has been plauged by an Orc gang run by a dimwitted Half-Giant for years now. It’s up to the PC’s to figure out what these idiots want with all the magical items they’re trying to steal, and if there is a more sinister motive than wealth behind the gang’s actions.

Side Quests

Odds and Ends (a quest for junk) PeppermintRainbows