Side Characters

This is a list of any characters that the PC’s have encountered that deserve a special mention, they are either important historically or will become important in future quests or side quests.

Baroness of the Ever-Living Forest: Revealed to the PC’s as the same elf maid who was the owner of the Heart of the Forest by Brightfeather, nothing good can be said about this war-monger. Even after the defeat of the King who destroyed her hometown the Baroness would not back down from war. She had sworn an oath to kill all non-elven races, and was doing just that, until her defeat at the hands of the Valborg.

Erik Afallach: The adopted son of the Sweet Heart Apple Orchard family. This young boy yearns for adventure, and wishes some day to be as great as the PC’s.

Half-Giant and Orc gang: Some less than intelligent ruffians who have targeted Brightfeather , and who ever he speaks to, as their main object of theft and harassment. Other than just blundering through everything and getting arrested, they haven’t managed to do much damage so far. Though their obession with gathering magical items does lead to some questions.

Valborg (Dogs): Most of the time they are simply refered to as “War-Hounds” or “Bear-Hounds” this noble and fearsome race has not been seen or heard from in ages. Though their ancestors still hold quite a bit of respect. These dogs have a specific look about them of a larger Caucasian Shepard Dog and are celebrated as heroes in many towns, but none more than the City of Valborg (which is named after them).

Zabrina Blightbringer: A creature of nightmarish legend, this Necromancer was on the verge of unspeakable acts against life when Brightfeather and his first adventuring group brought her down. She is now the boogey man that parents scare their children with, and her deeds have inspired many a cult and young necromancer to try and follow in her footsteps.

Side Characters

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