Important Items

On this page there is a list of all the items that the PC’s should never forget about, and who’s possesion they are currently in.

Amulet of White Death: An extreamly powerful artifact that is said to have the power of a white dwarf condensed into it. Accourding to legend a ritual needs to be done once every hundred years or so to stop the jewel from exploding and killing everything.

Blood Chicken: An Orc invention, these chickens have been altered magically so that if they are fed a bit of hair or something akin to that of a specific person they will be able to track that person down no matter what. These chickens are extreamly rare though, and worth a pretty penny.

Bone Crown of Zabrina Blightbringer: The Grand Necromancer’s crown itself said to contain not only the power of the undead witch, but means to bring her back from the grave. Recovered by the PC’s from the “Master of Decay” and returned to Brightfeather.

Test: Matt’s terrible bone chicken dragon, made from feeding a blood chicken Black Dragon’s blood and various other poisions. This horrifing little monster has recently canabilized “Control”, which was Matt’s other chicken, by sucking his bones out.

Heart of the Forest: Proof that a fairy tale as cheshired as Cinderella is in our time exsists, this deep red gem is in the shape of heart and has a single tiny leaf in the center. The story goes that a King who was so obsesed with an elven noblewoman was at his wits end on how to woo her. Giving up any romantic attempts he burnt her beloved home forest to the ground and tried to take her by force, she got away and sought the help of an old witch of the wilds. The witch granted the girl’s wish for the forest to be returned in exchange for the girl’s heart. Acourding to the legend the girl then went on to be the protecting spirit of the forest, and the King was given swift punishment for his misdeeds. This item is said to be the elf maid’s heart.

Important Items

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