Important Characters

This is a list of the more important NPC’s that the players have encountered along with a brief distription. Any names that appear here are either characters with pivotal roles reguarding main quests, or posible travel companions/love interest of the PC’s.

Aengus Brightfeather: This looney is the reason the PC’s have started adventuring together in the first place. Aengus is an adventurer of legend, and is not ready to retire reguardless of age or infeeblement. He is an half-elf ranger with no animal companion (but he won’t say what happened to it) who has opened a shop called “The Twisted Broom: a store for the practical adventurer” to lure people into doing the quests he cannot (always for adiquit compensation).

Master of Decay: A disgusting old Gnoll that had his handfull of followers steal the Bone Crown of Zabrina Blightbringer from Brightfeather. He took up residense in an abandoned temple of Doolish before the PC’s defeated him and all the other Gnolls. It is unclear what he had hoped to achieve with the crown, but the animated skeleton in the large corpse flower he was watching over does leave a bad feeling. Also he vomits a lot, and it hurts.

Princess Marina: An elven woman who’s fabled beauty has done nothing but curse her and her lands. The Princess is banished from her home because of a curse that was not her fault, and had spent most of her life at the bottom of a dungeon she had built acting as it’s guardian because of another curse put on her by a jealous friend. Once she had been saved by the PC’s she traveled with them back to Jost, but has since left with Prinnie to despute ownership of her birth city with the King.

The Nova Court: A group of fantatics that , with the help of a powerful magical item called the Amulet of White Death , were convinced that they could “Sing down the Stars” and start the world over after it had been cleansed in fire. They were defeated long ago by a group of students from the temple in Enora (though Brightfeather and his current crew were helping as well).

Important Characters

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