Odds and Ends (a quest for junk)

A new Sun


After about a month and a half Princess Marina will announce that the King of the All has accepted her request for an audience in the capitol Gwilherm to dispute her claim to the throne. She will request an escort (this is the chance for any PC’s to switch characters) and leave shortly after with the promise of reward to the PC’s.

Disturbing News

It has been two weeks since Princess Marina and Prinnie set off to Gwilherm when one of the Guards comes knocking on the door of the most trustworthy PC (leader of the group or the only one who actually has a house in the town, remember they are partial to locals). The orcs have been hassling more people of late even going so far as to attempt break-ins. The half giant leader of theirs has been in jail for a few weeks now, but still it hasn’t stopped the orcs. Since the orcs’ main target has always been Brightfeather, or anyone he has spoken to the guard will request that someone needs to check in on him. If asked why the guard can’t do it he will state that technically he and any other law enforcer can’t set foot on the property because of one of the many paranoid laws set into place back when Brightfeather first founded the town.

The PC’s will find Brightfeather’s store unlocked and are able to walk right in. When they do they will be greeted by the half elf himself, who has made a fort inside his own home with books. Being of the eccentric sort he will refuse to answer any questions unless the PC’s agree to enter his “book-topia” that will supposedly save them from the second sun. Once in the fort Brightfeather will reveal that something had been troubling him as of late, something to do with one of his last adventures. Quite a few years back Brightfeather was on a quest with his friends to dispatch a group of fanatics called the Nova Court who were convinced that they could create a new world if they “Sang down the Stars” to purge this world. Their leader had a particularly strong magical artifact called the Amulet of White Death, which was the power of a white dwarf star condensed into a beautiful pendant that the leader always wore. It was with that amulet that the old world would be cleansed and a new one would rise, this of course would not come to be thanks to not Brightfeather’s crew but a handful of students from a temple in Enora. The amulet was lost, however; and hadn’t been heard of since. That is until one of the old Ranger’s friends in Elouan caught rumor of it appearing in a silent auction that only the elite of the elite were privileged enough to attend. With suggestion from his contact Brightfeather will dispatch the PC’s to the famed Elouan University, center of the known world’s knowledge, to pose as new students while they snoop around for the amulet. The reason that Brightfeather wants the amulet so badly is that, according to the texts about it, that if the power is not constantly condensed every hundred years or so that it will explode on it’s own. This of course would cause untold damage, even if the star’s power is now only a fraction of what it was years ago. Brightfeather will also mention that to be careful when traveling at dusk or dawn because a few people have been disappearing between the cities of Valborg and Dagur.

Heading East

As they are heading down the road the PC’s will be stopped by Erik Afallach (the adopted son of the Sweet Heart Orchard) who has on very rough leather armor and a wooden sword and shield, he will mention that thanks to the PC’s he and his friends are off to re-enact an old fable that his grandmother used to tell him by going North East through the forest to the Wood Elf capitol of Eskel (a suicide mission at best). If the PC’s are nice then Erik will agree to postpone the march and his grandmother will offer them more of the Apple cider (cure light wounds, max lvl, four servings per bottle). If not he will just run off saying that his group will prove the PC’s wrong. After that the PC’s will travel with relative ease, though anyone who passes a perception check (20) will notice something following them that is about the size of a medium sized bear. The stalker does not seem hostile however, and any attempt to rendezvous with it will just result in it disappearing until the next sun down. Any animals can get close to it, but will only be able to tell their masters that it is a non threatening “wolf-bear”.



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